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 A Rough Guide to Loch Libo. November 2008 
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A Rough Guide to Loch Libo. November 2008

Loch Libo, Uplawmoor, East Renfrewshire.
Scottish Carp Group members only.

Access to Libo from the roadside MUST be via the level crossing and
no shortcuts across the railway line at any other place!
Application forms can be printed from
both SCG websites and also available from some tackle shops.
Mirror and common carp, tench, pike, perch, roach and eels.
Shoreline measures 0.9 miles and surface area is 21.3 acres.
Loch Libo 395 feet above sea level.
Loch Libo has SSSI status. A site of special scientific interest.
Loch Libo is designated as a SSSI because of its aquatic and
emergent plant communities, which include some rare species of sedge, links
to pictures of them in the links section below.
The area is also important for wildfowl and for woodland birds in the bordering woodland area.
Loch Libo, probably the area's best example of a natural mesotrophic loch - the type with
the highest biodiversity.
Miles to Loch Libo (approx.) Central Glasgow 15, Central Edinburgh 60.
More info for SCG waters is on the SCG Website in the 'Water Guide’ sections.

Ordnance Survey grid reference NS434556
To use the Ordnance Survey grid references you don't need to
know anything about grid references, just go to
then click on 'Get-a-map' then put the grid reference of the
water in the search box and click on search, which will
cause a map of the water to appear.

We cannot accept responsibility for inaccurate info on this guide.
The SCG needs all the feedback it can get about Loch Libo to keep
track of the water and stock via catch reports etc. Please contribute.
If anyone else has any photos & details of fish caught from there in the
last few years it would be great to get the
photos & info to help promote the water.
Estimated carp numbers from 50 to a lot more than that.
Please leave no litter and if it’s possible pick
some up (if there is any) and put it in a bin.
After a few days of heavy rain the water level can rise to
a level that can make fishing difficult or even impossible.

Please be aware that in the past some set lines for carp have
been found at Loch Libo. They were set up with hair rigs so
it's the carp instead of the usual pike they were after.
Please keep an eye open when fishing any of our waters
for set lines by checking the margins and any place set lines can be tied to.
The local Police have been informed and said they would keep an eye on the water!
But if anyone is caught they can take action, as it is an offence.

Carp stocks are fairly light but well established, and there are
fish of 20lb+ among them. In addition there is also a healthy
population of tench averaging about three pounds but with a
few of twice that size. Roach are present, though not in
the numbers that were found up to the eighties, and there is
also a big head of perch and some pike, the largest reported
capture of just under twenty pounds.

Quote " In 2008 plenty of fish have been spotted and at
least two 20’s have been caught this year, possibly more."
Quote " 19lb 5oz common 27/8/07, no picture, at 1am on
strawberry bottom bait from the railway bank. It was a lovely
fish in mint condition. Also my mate caught 2 commons at 12lb & 14lb+.”
Quote " 20lb+ mirror carp crashed."
Quote “ From Loch Libo I've caught common carp
at 8lb, 10lb, 11.5lb, 12.5lb, 8.5lb, 12lb and also lost some.
Another angler has had 1 carp @ 11.5lb + 1 pike @ 10lb.
These carp are excellent looking fish.“
Quote " It's a water that holds a few lumps!
I saw a few fish around 2002 & all were 20lb+."
Quote " best head of big tench of any water in Scotland.
Quote " There are a lot of pike in it and if you enjoy a day
of piking then you can have some great sport."
Quote " The weed problem in the summer can be
really bad unless you are prepared to use a rake."
Quote " Swans can be encouraged to clear holes
in the weed by using cheep swan friendly food."
Quote " I've caught carp on top of the subsurface weed."
Quote " All swims have produced carp runs and captures."
Quote " I got a run and lost a carp from a baited are out in
front of the centre of the railway bank swim."
Quote " It has an excellent head of roach some of which are
2lb plus and an excellent head of perch."
Quote " I always parked my car in Uplawmoor then stumble
down through the woods down to the loch."
Quote " If this water was in Kent it would be getting a lot of angling pressure!"
Quote " I have had 6 pike in past two weeks 1 @ 14lbs, 1@ 13.9, 3 around 6lb mark and
1 tiddler judging by scars on some of the smaller fish there is something much bigger!"
Quote " I have had pike up to 12lb but another member has had an 18lber.
It has a lot of jacks and some huge eels."
Quote " Libo has some good pike. Best to use a bait only on the trace with
no weight and the pike find it no problems on top of the weed.
I have also done well with sink and draw."
Quote " I fished Loch Libo for over 25 years. A truly satisfactory experience.
One of the very best specimen waters in Scotland provided you have
the time to get your head around it. It's VERY late evening and
early morning so it fishes best through an overnighter.
For the carp, chod or silt rigs are best with pop-ups unless
you know the type of bottom you are presenting to.
Bottom baits are good near the lilies.
Car security is best in the village of Uplawmoor then cut down through the woods.
Hemp seed and pellets work very very well, but you need to pre-bait about
a week prior to your session a good example would be Tuesday and Thursday, then
fish either Friday or Saturday. All things being in your favour you
could have 2 or 3 carp for your efforts, not to mention some
very big tench if you use fruity flavoured boilies."
Quote " One of the best things about Libo is there is so much opportunity, I mean
cover along the whole far side for stalking. Loads of very high trees for
scanning with the polaroids on you can watch fish all day up there and
nearly broke my neck a few times. One of the great things about Libo is
watching your baited areas, pre-casting, to see the fish preferences and
how they behave and what they eject etc. Another great thing is the
peace, can fish for days and have the whole loch to yourself.”
Quote " From Easter to June Libo is a good water for pike lots of jacks with
the odd double great fun and at night the bats are fun to watch catching the moths."
Quote " Libo is an excellent venue, highly challenging and very nice too.“
Quote " The family of resident swans rarely come near me."
Quote " I've had carp eat floaters on Loch Libo."
Quote " Hard against the margin at the rushes to the right of the
railway bank I found it is clear of weed and hard ground possibly
due to wave action against this margin.
I caught my first carp on this spot on a marine halibut popup."
Quote " If you are going to prebait an area it is
worthwhile taking into account that birdlife will feed on it."

Links to other web pages.
If the links don’t work by clicking on them then try to paste it into a browser.

SWT Scottish Wildlife Trust.
SNH Scottish National Heritage.

Google Map

The rare Greater Tussock Sedges's_Greater_Tussock_Sedges.JPG

Loch Libo in the 14th century was referred to as
Loch le Bog Syde in a charter, meaning the Bogside Loch.

In a book called “The New Statistical Account of Scotland.”
Published in 1845, Loch Libo is described as
“In figure nearly an oval, contains about 16 acres in length and 14 in breadth.
Its depth is unknown; but it is very considerable in the centre.
It is the source of Lugton-water, which runs west and, after
beautifying the country and extensive pleasure grounds of Eglinton, it falls
into the Garnock, a little way below Kilwinning. Loch Libo presents a
scene of unparalleled beauty. It’s lofty hills, on both sides, are wooded with
fine old trees to the waters edge. It’s oblong or oval figure pleases the eye, while
it’s smooth and glassy surface, disturbed only by the heron, wild and
teal-duck, swimming and fishing upon it, give it animation.
Standing at the turn of the road, as you ascend northwards above the
Shillford toll-bar, and looking west, when the sun, in a fine summer
evening, is pouring his rays upon it, it’s effect is enchanting.“

The Caldwell Tower 'Folly' near Uplawmoor.
The old castle of Caldwell sat on a knoll of the sloping hillside to the
south-west of Loch Libo. Only one tower remained as a prominent
landmark after the times of the Covenanters and today's surviving
tower is this same remnant. A new mansion house was built around 1712 by
William Mure on the lands of Ramshead, however the present Robert Adam designed
house was built by his son, William 'Baron Mure' about 200 yards lower
down from the original. Caldwell House was the Mure family home until 1909.

There are old mining shafts in the hill over Loch Libo and some of the
buildings are 200-300 years old. Coal was found at the south end of Loch Libo about 1780.
The first attempt to mine it ended in disaster in 1793. The mine was
flooded, drowning seven men, including the servant-man from the
manse at Neilston. He was up for a load of coal for the manse and
decided to go down the mine for a look-see, when the water poured in.
It was reopened around 1830 as the Loch Coal Co.
It was much deeper and there were two seams, called Ell Coal and Craw Coal; both
seams were about four feet thick. It has long since been worked out and little or
nothing now remains of the workings. The bodies were never recovered.

In a book called ‘Nelsons' hand-book to Scotland’ published in 1860, the
Loch is described as “Loch Libo, 8 miles south-west of the town,
a lake of 225 acres, embosomed among lofty, wooded hills and
much frequented by water-fowl is a gem of a beauty.”
(225 acres is a typing error),M1

More references from books from the 1700 (and possibly older) through
to the modern day can be found by doing a search in
Google Books using ‘Loch Libo’ and ‘lochlibo’ as searches.

Lugton Water is the largest tributary of the River Garnock. It flows 14 miles
from Loch Libo (395 feet above sea level) through Lugton, Cunningham,
Eglinton, and Kilwinning. The Lugton joins the Garnock below the tidal limit, shortly
after passing through Eglinton Country Park, developed around
the ancient estate of the Earl of Eglinton.

Birds spotted around Loch Libo....
Jack Snipe, Common Snipe, Grey Heron, Whooper Swan, Mute Swan,
Teal, Wigeon, Goldeneye, Tufted Duck, Mallard, Coot, Moorhen, Buzzard,
Wren, Coal Tit, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Long-tailed Tit, Treecreeper,
Great Spotted Woodpecker, Song Thrush, Blackbird, Robin, Dunnock,
Chaffinch, Jackdaw, Carrion Crow, Sparrowhawk, Water Rail, Redshank,
Pheasant, Owls, Grasshopper Warbler and Reed Bunting.
Other wildlife - Bats, Deer, Mice, Otters, Common Frog,
Common Toad, Smooth and Palmate Newts, Water Vole and Bats.

Shops... Shops are also located in
Neilston, which is 3 miles from Loch Libo.
Hot food and cold food can be purchased in Barrhead, which
is a bit further away than Neilston.
Taxi... When using a taxi to get picked up from the loch tell
the operator it's on 'the low road' at Uplawmoor.
Nearest tackle shop... Glasgow Angling Centre, The Point Retail Park, Port Dundas, Glasgow
Tel: 0870 920 1120
Local police stations... Barrhead Police Office, Main Street, Barrhead, G78 1ST.
Tel: 0141 532 6200
Neilston Police Office, School Road, Main Street, Neilston, Glasgow, G78 8ED.
Tel: 0141 881 1122

Thanks to everyone who posted info on forums. :D

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19 Nov 2008, 21:43
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petrol station is shut down now

19 Nov 2008, 21:49
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Nice one Denis :wink: :D



20 Nov 2008, 14:05
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well done dennis like to know what that tower was about
great read well done

gordon :wink:

Gordon walker

20 Nov 2008, 17:17
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Cracking post Denis...............Very thorough and very informative


Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught

20 Nov 2008, 17:40
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well worth the effort, thanks

Alan Johnstone

21 Nov 2008, 08:36
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Hi folks,
this is all the info I could find about the loch.
I never realised when I first started this that so much info was available about Loch Libo.
The non fishing info is interesting and never needed to be added but it
is good to know if you like that kind of thing.

There is also a tale about a boat called Lochlibo, but I never added it.

It took a while to do because I have limited time and did a fair
bit of the text editing travelling to and from work on the Subway by
using a small handheld computer.

Any of you folks could use this as a kind of template to do a similar thing on
some of the other waters but it is alot of work but it is fun putting it together.

Hopefully this will help any of our members who fish it for the
first time or have fished it before have more knowledge about
the Loch, it's history, the surroundings and may help someone catch a carp or
give them a better chance of getting in a position of getting fish.

Hi Gordon,
I used to wonder about that tower also. :?: :wink:

Thanks folks and keep up the good work,
Denis. 8)

21 Nov 2008, 12:59

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Thanks for your hard work putting the info on Libo together interesting read which will certainly help folks catch fish..going by the quotes from other anglers you've amassed..Thats one on my list of new places to visit next year..and I for one feel better informed re Libo than I did before your post..Well done..and thanks again..


22 Nov 2008, 11:16

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Fantastic info denis I have had Kingfisher perch on my rod so youcan add that to the list of wildlife

03 Dec 2008, 21:13
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well done denis great info ma man. would love to have a book about all the scg waters.on how thay all came about and how the course fish got thare., a guy i know from hamilton. his knowlege on course fishing in scotland is outstanding ....he could write a book or two....... if anybody has got any old fishing photos of any course fishin waters in scotland could thay post or just.whatever from 60s to early 90s

17 Dec 2008, 00:26
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An image from last summer.....



Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught

03 May 2010, 15:12
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nice mark

03 May 2010, 16:42
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