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Roach fishing in winter
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Author:  Div [ 06 Dec 2016, 11:43 ]
Post subject:  Roach fishing in winter

Got a question all advice welcome. I've been fishing a local water all year and caught roach to the 2lb 1oz mark during the summer but struggled to even get a bite now the winter has kicked in so I'm wondering if anyone could help me get more fish in the net. P.s it's impossible to fish on the bottom due to the debris and weeds

Author:  JamesJamieson [ 20 Dec 2016, 18:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Roach fishing in winter

where are you fishing Div. You can try a small bomb and fake corn and Maggot popped up a couple of inches, or critacally balanced so that it sits on top of all the crap on the bottom.

If not too deep, you can try the same fishing over depth on a float, with the bulk sitting on the deck.

Other options are to use liquidized bread, will create a cloud and may pull the fish up off the deck while not providing too much feed, sprinkling maggot over the top, 2 or 3 every 30-45 seconds

Author:  Div [ 21 Dec 2016, 02:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Roach fishing in winter

It's an old quarry mate I have caught a few now in the winter fishing about 10ft on the float with bread and maggot hook bait with liquidised bread fed before each cast but they have only been to the pound mark. I am itching to take someone outside my usual circle with me but the place got fuxxed years ago when it was mentioned on here :( so don't want to risk it again with the effort that's went in to getting it back to a good fishing hole again but if you or someone else on here would go without putting the location on the Internet I would show yous as long as yous didn't put the location on here again :wink:

Author:  Div [ 21 Dec 2016, 02:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Roach fishing in winter

Just thought I would let yous know I'm only 28 and have fished it for 21 maybe 22 year that's why I'm so discreet with the location

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